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The Garden

Garden area and Pool



Villa Gabriella is surrounded by 1.000 square meters garden (10.800 Sq. feet).

There are more than 50 different plant species, starting from azaleas, camelias, red maples, palm trees, olive trees, lemon trees, oleandro trees, grapes, and a gorgeous beech trees, an area is reserved to a vegetable garden where the owners grows tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines, peperoni, and any kind of aromatic plants.

A glass house is also present to protect delicate plants in winter time or to prepare the seeds in spring time. 

A private gated parking lot is set a top of the villa.

In the garden there is a spacious area reserved for barbecue and parties, with wood tables under the trees overlooking the wonderful lake view.

The large salt water pool, has a jet water stream to exercise your swimming skills and a large area with sun beds and sofas.

Apart there is an heated outdoor jacuzzi to enjoy the outside even in winter season


FOR MORE INFO CONTACT US: Gabriella@villa-gabriella.it

Enjoy a sunny pool all day

Enjoy a sunny pool all day - Villa Gabriella

Salted water pool. with water jet stream to exercise your swimming skills.


Azaleas - Villa Gabriella


Sunset at Villa Gabriella

Sunset at Villa Gabriella - Villa Gabriella


The relaxing view from the garden

The relaxing view from the garden - Villa Gabriella

View from the Garden